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Home. Now what?

June 20, 2009

After a whirlwind trip that brought me to Parsons, NYU, Games for Change, the Wall Street Journal, George Mason University, the Innovations in e-Learning Conference, MIT’s Gambit Lab, the Games for Health Conference, Carnegie Mellon’s ETC, the Games Education Summit and finally a visit with a potential client in Philly, I am finally home. Typing that made me tired.

Three weeks on the road with me and my games. In this case, I had Train and Siochan Leat (aka The Irish Game). It reminded me very much of the early 1980’s when I’d run into people like Richard Garriott at the Washington Apple Users Group. He showed Ultima. I showed Wizardry.

I am planning a mostly working summer and hope to complete two games in the Mechanic is the Message series. Some other things that I’m considering:

  • Working on a digital game (rules designed with a friend are in alpha)
  • Writing about RPG system design because Ian Schreiber tells me I should at every other opportunity
  • Actually writing about the design process in one of my games as I go through it to more than a tiny group of friends (currently 3 of them)
  • Getting a new car due to the totaling of my beloved BMW. The car actually drown while I was away on this roadtrip. A seal in the door leaked, there was rain, and there you go.

If there’s a topic you’d like me to write about, now’s a great time to suggest it.

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  1. June 24, 2009 7:47 pm

    I would ***LOVE*** to see more articles on RPG system design. I do a lot of that myself, but I’d love to see a perspective from someone much more experienced than I am. Maybe you could get a group of people to do posts on a particular topic; maybe a professional version of my old Weekend Design Challenges. Propose a topic, send out some emails, let some professionals blog and compare notes? Just throwing out some ideas that won’t make you do all the hard work. 🙂

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