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You can reach Brenda on twitter at @br or via email at her [first name] at [romero dot com].

About Brenda

I have worked on 27 commercial titles, including numerous titles on the Xbox 360, Xbox, PS3 and PS2, and five games on Facebook.

What I do:

  • Senior-Level Design – I am experienced in this task, get along great with others and love what I do. I am comfortable stepping into a project at any stage of production.

I worked with Brenda recently, on a AAA, Next-Gen, game development project. We were in the design phase of the project, and our design team was understaffed. We had an ambitious design that needed to be reigned-in, and fleshed-out. Brenda came in as a contractor, and provided just what we needed. She was a pleasure to work with, and delivered high-quality results, on-time. She’s awesome!

  • IP Explorations – An analysis of the possible games for a given IP.
  • Concept Documents – A 2- to 4-page doc that provides an overview of the basic game premise, demographics, core and feature set.

Brenda was the best designer I’ve worked with. When marketing needed to get a proposal done we could always count on Brenda to deliver something great.

  • Proposal Document – A 7- to 10-page doc that provides a more in-depth premise for a game.

Brenda has enough passion for games, energy for learning and design talent for an entire team of designers. From writing new proposals to nitty gritty design tasks, she throws herself into her work and insists on nothing less than a fantastic job. She is tremendous at representing the company or team to the industry and to the press (mainstream or gaming).

  • Design (Agile) – Depends on the project. I prefer Agile game development, and design with that in mind. I am available for ongoing consultations with the team and work with them sprint-by-sprint. I also have done many of these…
  • Design Document (Traditional) – Length depends on the project.

Brenda was extremely versatile and saw her tasks through effectively and with flair. She had a great sense of humor, and made a positive contribution on the team atmosphere at our company. She was an extremely self-disciplined & competent writer/designer, getting the job done well and in amazing time.

  • System Design – Length depends on project. I focus on a specific system within the game, like story mode for the recent Def Jam: Icon. This is also popular for overloaded design teams who need a senior level designer yesterday.

Brenda is a consummate professional who understands the nuances of game design and is in tune with the needs of her client. She is a hard worker who diligently researches her assignment. She is reliable and creates consistently good game design. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity .

There’s a whole bunch more quotes over on LinkedIn. Feel free to go look.

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