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Overhaul Done

July 31, 2010

Thanks for your feedback. Hopefully most of you like the new design. Compared to the last design change, this one got way more positive response than the last. I usually overhaul once a year, so if this is bothersome to you, wait, or check it from your iPhone where the theme can’t reach.

On another note, some of you asked me to update more often. Yes, it has been slow around here lately. I’ve had an overwhelming amount of change: jobs, moving and more. So, in solid game dev fashion, I triaged my to do list and regular updates became a P4. Sorry for that. I should be back to my regular schedule now (roughly 1x a week).

Have fun,


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  1. August 3, 2010 11:13 am

    The new format looks really good! Thumbs up!

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