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GDC Evaluation Responses from Train talk

April 11, 2010

Here’s a complete cut and paste of the GDC Speaker Evaluations I received from my Train: How I Dumped Electricity and Learned to Love Design talk at this year’s GDC. I keep saying I was blown away by the response and several of you have asked me to post this. So, here you go, and thank you again:

Speaker Evaluations

Hide Evaluations [Head Count: 120; Evaluations: 99; % Returned: 83%

4.9 — (Q1) Overall rating of the presentation

4.6 — (Q2) How relevant was the topic to you?

4.8 — (Q3) How well did this class meet your expectations?

4.9 — (Q4) Would you recommend this session to a colleague?

4.9 — (Q5) Evaluate the speakers’ ability to communicate

4.9 — (Q6) If there were visual aids (slides) how were they?


Absolutely incredible. Hearing Brenda speak always gets me fired up.


Best talk this year. One of the 5 best talks I’ve seen in 20+ years of GDCs. This should be repeated as next year’s design keynote!

Incredibly inspiring.

Most powerful presentation I’ve ever seen at GDC.

Simply amazing! Way to go, Brenda!

Amazing and inspiring. I almost cried just thinking about it.

Could have been longer.


AMAZING!!! Great to hear the process for dealing with and designing difficult topics.

Best session at GDC yet.

Please stop speaking so fast. Not what I expected, but a great talk.

I don’t normally give 5’s across the board, but this talk definitely deserves it.

Brenda is brilliant. Her middle passage anecdote could teach the serious games people a thing or two. Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!

Good stuff.

I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I got choked up simply listening to Brenda talk about this. I’d love to see more soul baring talks that are so relevant.

Not a designer but work with designers. I only saw half but was 100% inspired.

I’m not just giving you 5’s because you dared, or from any fear I have of belittling the topic. These are honest ratings of your performance presentation today.

This may have been the best talk I’ve been to this GDC. Pretty good for something I wandered into without knowing what it would be about. I had heard of TRAIN, but hadn’t realized what this talk would be about. Difficult to hear sometimes, uncomfortable, but excellent to hear.

By far the most inspiring & creatively challenging talk I have been to…and I’m an animator, not a designer.

Inspiring stuff. Thanks for sharing.

With respect to Sid Meier, this should have been the keynote.

Awesome talk!

Great talk…*hugs*


I’m a “programmer”. more please.

Thank you.

Fantastic. Keep going.

This woman is brilliant. Really hope Brenda is back again next year.

Brilliant and inspiring.

Glad I came to the talk but feel manipulated by the title of the talk. Moving and poignant.

Wasn’t expecting an epic presentation.


This single talk justified the entire conference to me.



Speaker’s content & message is amazing. However, she needs to take a breath & slow down.

Absolutely inspirational. The talk at GDC.

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  1. April 12, 2010 5:39 pm

    *smiles* I see my comment up there.
    I’m excited to hear the video recording will be available for free on GDC Vault. Can’t wait to share the link!

  2. April 13, 2010 9:44 am

    I saw your talk on “One falls for each of us.” at AHoG. I really wish I could have gone to your GDC talk , too.

    It’s just so awesome that making a game can evoke as much emotion as it draws out of the player.

  3. April 14, 2010 1:56 pm

    Have to admit that “OMFG” is a serious classic GDC comment.

    Congrats, Brenda. I’m sure you will be proud to be on yet another playing card next year. (Now the decision is between “head shot” and “boot shot” on the card.)

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