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October 18, 2009

If you’re a game developer who’s interested in losing weight, you may want to join us on Twitter (see my previous post on this for the optimized method of doing this). Last April, I decided that I had enough, and I was going to lose the weight that I’d put on over the course of the last few years. As of today, I’m closing in on 60 pounds gone, and I have 23 more to go.

On Twitter, we use the hashtag #gamedevdiet, and most of us have set up TweetDeck (or whatever client we use) with a column dedicated to posts to the thread. So far, we’ve talked about weight loss, shoe recommendations and random exercising tips.

Here’s how to participate:

  • Become a game developer (that’s the hardest part).
  • Get a twitter account, if you don’t have one. Get TweetDeck or another program that lets you set up a column for #gamedevdiet.
  • Post to #gamedevdiet, state that you’re in and note your desired weight loss goal in pounds or kilos. You don’t need to say your actual weight. Something like this is fine: “I am joining #gamedevdiet and hope to lose 23 pounds.”
  • Every Wednesday, we weigh in. Weigh ins follow this format: Week Loss / Loss So Far / Desired Total. In my case, and if I weighed in today, it would be “This Week -2 / So Far -56 /  Goal -78”

Then, go adjust your diet and start losing weight. As a note, some of our participants are actually trying to gain weight. So, you’re welcome to join us to do that, too.

I am on twitter at @bbrathwaite.

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