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Games for Health Conference & A Design Review of Sex

May 14, 2009

I’m speaking about sex at this year’s Games for Health Conference. For those of you who read this blog and are not familiar with my previous work in this area, I studied the subject for several years and even wrote book about it. Here’s the abstract of my talk:

A Design Review of Sexual Content, Sexually Mature Themes in Games, and Games About Sex

Speaker(s):: Brenda Brathwaite

Issues involving sex and health – especially sexually transmitted diseases, are some of the top issues dealt with in public health. Whether it’s combating the spread of AIDs and other STDs, sexual dysfunction, reproductive health, or general sex education games are a tool that has been used and will likely be used more in the future. As such shouldn’t we understand as much as possible how games have involved sex and sexual themes? Such reviews provide great opportunity for insight into both what people might already be learning from games but also ideas that while ostensibly utilized for entertainment could be useful for games about sexual health, issues, and related themes.

The session will not just cover well-known commercial games like Leisure Suit Larry or Playboy: The Mansion, but also many independently produced titles often provided freely on the Internet, and a growing number of virtual worlds and social networking games that are being developed as well.

Conference information is below.

The 5th Annual Games for Health Conference 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts on June 11-12 is closing in. You can still register until May 29 for $379.00 for the core conference and $479.00 for the conference+pre-conference events. After May 29 the price will rise to $499.00 and $599.00 respectively. You can save 15% off the normal registration rate by entering the discount code of dmgfh09 during registration.

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