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Victor Jimenez, Northrop Grumman – Cúchulainn 10 Minute Pitch

March 19, 2009

Victor Jimenez is Chief Engineer at Northrop Grumman, and works at the intersection of military simulations and video games. Brenda knows Victor from everywhere. This is his 10-minute concept (5 minutes research, 5 minutes writing).Description:

Surmount increasing waves of enemies, earn powerups (such as chariots), survive minibosses at the end of each level (a Hound, for instance). Store enough spiritual energy and get the ultimate boost of raistrad to dispatch the enemies. Watch out for the magic wielding fey and drink the right potions and you’ll get far. Watch out for the final encounter with the 3 spear wielding opponents.

This is a stylized, 2-d side scroller with controls provided by a joystick interface. The game needs to evoke Celtic motifs and should be drawn in a primitive manner. Music is created with traditional Celtic instruments.

Various attack, one ranged(sling shot, gae bulg?), one spear (near attack), one sword
Chariot attack

Defense still to go (time is up)

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