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Jack Mamais – Cúchulainn 10 Minute Pitch

March 19, 2009

Jack Mamais is best known for his work as the lead designer on Far Cry and Crysis. Brenda knows him from Savannah, as he is from there. This is his 10-minute concept (5 minutes for research, 5 minutes for writing).

… my thoughts are that you have a game like GOW with very strong Irish and Scottish mythological elements and the main character Cuchulain would have many ties with animals. It seems most of his life (the dog during his early days and even the raven during his death) are critical to his character development. I would even tie some Arthurian mythos in for fun (it seems that Queen Medb could even be connected to Queen Mab so you could have some very grounded basis for the Merlin and Arthur mythos.

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