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Charles Miles, Turbine – Bardic Hero – Cúchulainn 10 Minute Pitch

March 17, 2009

Charles Miles is a Senior Content Designer at Turbine. I worked with Charles for a number of years on a number of projects. He is an expert on medieval economics which makes him naturally interesting (to other game designers). Here’s Charles’ 10 minute Cúchulainn pitch (5 minutes of research into the myth, and 5 minutes to write).


It’s the Irish mythology game for the entire family! Plug in your Guitar HeroTM guitar and a get ready to strut your early medieval stuff as you take the role of a bard invited to entertain the mighty Cúchulainn himself. Play odes to the greatest of heroes in a authentic ancient Irish meters.

But you’ll need more than your rhythm game skills to do well in this game-Baric Hero tests your knowledge of ancient mythology as well. Instead of notes scrolling past, different color-coded symbols scroll by in three different columns. When three different Cúchulainn-related symbols are aligned in a straight line, press the corresponding color button and strum the stummer to play the next line of the song. For example, if the next line of the song relates to Cúchulainn killing Sétanta’s dog, wait until the three red dog symbols align. Then press the red button and strum the strummer.

If you perform well Cúchulainn will be pleased and honor you with gold, mead, and praise. But don’t miss too many notes, or Cúchulainn will fly into one of his famous battle rages and … well, that’s the only part of the game that’s not rated E for Everybody.

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