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Scott Brodie, Microsoft – Cúchulainn 10 Minute Pitch

March 16, 2009

Scott Brodie is a producer with the Xbox Live Arcade Team. I know Scott via the not-so-Irish Project Horseshoe. His 10-minute concept (5 mins for research, 5 mins for writing) is below.


I latched onto the idea that Cuchulainn has a frenzied persona he takes on known as Riastrad.


You play as a Cuchulain during a raid on Culann, who randomly transforms into Riastrad during battle. Riastrad form allows you to one-hit kill enemies and have increased defenses. However during this state you do not control his attacks (or movement? not sure which is more interesting to play without). Instead you can only maneuver the character while the AI controls your attacks. You can return yourself back to your human state by not killing anything for 5 seconds.

When characters see you they run around and intermix to make attack decisions more challenging. When you transform, all characters look like the same fuzzy forms, so you take a risk when actively going for an attack. It has a minor memory component since you can remember who was who before the transformation if you pay attention.

The goal is to defeat the enemy army (about 50 dudes?) while killing the least amount of your own followers, along with ensuring Culann survives the battle safely. (is this a character? didn’t have enough time to research. If not maybe defend Lugh or Deichtine).

I imagine this as a 3D, top-down perspective action game with lots of characters on screen.

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