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Michelle Menard, Firaxis – Cúchulainn 10 Minute Pitch

March 16, 2009

Michelle is a producer at Firaxis Games working with the legendary Barry Caudill and Seth Spaulding and some guy named Sid.

Hounds of Ulster

“Hounds of Ulster” is a double world RPG set half in the turbulent times of the Irish Revolution (~1921) and the other in a more mythical past age of Cúchulainn’s Ireland. The main character (let’s call him MC for now) is a new recruit to the IRA (probably about 20) and is marked by a streak of violence and complete lack of empathy. In a rash act of aggression, MC kills some innocent bystander – probably something grossly distasteful like a child or nun – to hopefully make it clear that this is a crappy dude. Maybe a nun or gypsy or something would be better, as ostensibly he’d be cursed by the either a compatriot of or the dying person himself, and in doing so begin to have his consciousness float between the two different worlds until he got his act together.

I don’t believe the player would ever actually take the role of Cúchulainn, but rather play as the various compatriots near him, such as the chariot driver, his son, wife, or mentor. Maybe at the very end of the game he’d take on the roll of Cúchulainn and the two worlds would meld together in one giant, trippy fray, but I think for the most part it would be played by the “support” characters. The game would flip fairly evenly between the two worlds, with events in the Cúchulainn world paralleling events in the modern one, giving the player some chances to decide whether to let MC stop being a crazed maniac or learn from his experiences in the other world.

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