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Little Irish People, Giant Sheets of Glass

October 15, 2008

My game, “Where my people come from,” is almost finished. After several fights with plexiglass, I eventually decided to purchase two panes of 3/8″ thick custom beveled glass for the board which arrived today. Upon these, I will paint the actual play field. The panes of glass are separated by 32 dowels (which I still need to get).

For those of you who have not followed this, I am making six non-digital “art” games for an installation. Two have complete and tested rule sets, one is sort of there, but completely unbalanced, and three are in various stages of design.  “Where my people come from” is the first to be built.

To finish this game,  I need to write the final iteration of the rules, the story behind the game and print the rules for play. One (almost) down; 5 to go.

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