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“Where my people come from” final game progress

August 23, 2008

Some people cook on their stoves. Me? I make little armies of Irish men, women and children. I’ll probably finish up with the “black Irish” tomorrow and then make the actual play surface for Where my people come from in the next week or two.

This game is the third in a series of six non-digital games that I’m making as a part of an installation titled The Mechanic is the Message. The design and testing of this game were completed over the winter and spring of 2007/8. Each game in the series uses game mechanics or the game play experience itself to explore difficult topics.

You can see the first playable prototype here.

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  1. August 24, 2008 4:53 am

    The funny thing about the Black Irish, is that neither myself, nor anyone else I grew up (all of us being Irish), had ever heard of the term Black Irish until a few years ago.

    It seems that it’s an American invention (and wikipedia seems to confirm this).

    You better bung in some Fomorian Sea Devils, or Slaine will not be happy!

  2. August 24, 2008 7:59 am

    Rick – there’s also the lliteral Black Irish of the West Indies who were the sons and daughters of the Irish and African slaves that were sent into the colonies. My husband’s a descent of them, and what’s known as a “Black Irish” or “redman” in the Caribbean. A separate term, “redlegs”, is reserved for the Irish or Scottish descendants that live on the east coast of Barbados today. This actually figures into the game.

    There’s an amazing if shocking article on the whole thing here at:

    If you’re interested in a less compact version, I could recommend some books. I tend to over-read for every game I make.

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