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GDC – Day 2 – Presenting, Parties and Keynotes

February 20, 2008

I spent the majority of today at the IGDA education summit. Susan Gold’s been doing a great job wrangling the IGDA Edu SIG over the last couple years, and I’ve been enjoying the content of the summit so far. Ian Bogost of GA Tech gave the keynote this morning. He’s one of those speakers that I always enjoy hearing and frequently find both enlightening and inspiring. If you haven’t checked out Ian’s stuff, I recommend you do so.

At the Edu summit, I presented for the first time today. It was a panel of  industry vets that had gone into academia – me, Warren Spector, Celia Pearce, Tim Langdell and Ian Schreiber.  We were there to discuss our experiences as “industry profs”, as Celia calls us, why we went in, what benefit our experience has been and our experience overall in the industry. I sense what the audience very much wanted, however, was the holy grail: how do we get more of you into the industry? The answer, though it wasn’t entirely apparent, is that we don’t really know either. All of us had made sacrifices financially and otherwise to enter academia. It was a trade off of sorts that allowed us to do other things. Suffice to say that it was the genesis of the next article I will likely write where I suppose I will go looking for that holy grail and ask a bunch of other game devs what their issues are.

Tomorrow, I do my hentai panel.  Tonight was filled with the IGDA party and the Linden Labs party.

Other highlights from today:

  • Jake Simpson
  • Kyle Machulis
  • Couple of fun interviews with TV people
  • Had two industry people specifically request resumes of students from my little designer army that I’m building here. Honestly, I truly give the design students all I possibly can in four years. There’s usually no book (though I am a fan of several), and what I teach them is industry ready
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  1. February 21, 2008 9:42 am

    I remember from last year’s GDC how interesting it was to sit in on a roundtable on strengthening the ties between the industry and the universities. I was the only student present, and I thought it an immensely important thing to do: represent my peers and give some insight to the professors and developers about the student perspective. I actually met Ian Schrieber as a result, and we had an excellent, extensive conversation about game programs in college after the session was over (though I doubt he remembers it now :))

    I’ll be very interested to watch as the industry learns how to build its relationship with academia. In fact, I have some predictions I just wrote about the other day.

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