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GDC Day 2 – Bonus Edition: Omerta

February 20, 2008

Random very important advice:

If you ever meet a game developer, never insult their game to their face. You can think it looks like hell, but never say that. It’s a sign of disrespect, and besides, they already know it and odds are there’s a reason it looks that way. Odds are further that they will not remember you for anything other than your remark. There is an omerta among us (“an extreme form of loyalty and solidarity”) when the outside looks in.

Student: “That was a bad design.”

Developer: “And exactly how many games have you shipped, idiot?”

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  1. Macguffin permalink
    February 20, 2008 2:55 pm

    Ouch. Yeah. I remember those moments from high school or college where I look back now, ancient and wise, and wince. I think this will be one of those, for that person.

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