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Facebook Beacon: Yes, I will advertise for you

February 12, 2008

A few of facts about humans:

  • We really believe that people care about what we do.
  • We really believe that people might be interested in what we’re interested in.
  • We like being news.

It’s what’s behind blogging, and it’s also what’s behind Facebook’s Beacon. With your permission, Beacon reports your activities in/at other Beacon-enabled sites in your newfeed.

For instance, along with a multitude of other individuals, I play games over on Kongregate. Kongregate will, in turn, happily list what games I’ve played in my newsfeed for me. Oddly enough, I’m grateful when other people do this, because I figure that it saves me some wadding time. All they’ve really done is advertised this site for free and given it and the product a personal endorsement.

Stepping back from it, it’s a hip application of social networking and marketing’s single biggest hook – the personal referral. Post-GDC, I’m going to investigate Beacon more and explore its use or intended use in the game dev community. If you know anything, feel free to share.

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