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MTV Article Part 2

December 20, 2007

There’s some continued conversation on the recent series of articles written by Tracey John for the MTV Multiplayer blog: Women Working in Games: Pinckard, Brathwaite Respond to Reader Comments.

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  1. December 20, 2007 1:48 pm

    That was a magnificently stated reply.

    And as for the bit on the Rez article, directed towards Jane Pinckard; I find it a bit amusing and yet at the same time insulting that someone would aim at that particular angle of discussion. I understand someone’s personal view that personal sexuality should be kept to themselves, personally, but it’s narrow-minded to expect everyone believes the same, and that particular reader’s comment comes very close to ad hominem.

    I like the idea of sexuality being a topic that can be discussed. I like the idea of it being questioned, measured, speculated. I think it would do the world good not to keep it so under wraps as if it’s something shameful, denigrating it to an almost vile act and yet somehow trying to give the mixed idea that it is a very wonderful and loving act.

    Both women and men–and those in between–should have the ability and right to discuss those things they feel are necessary or important to discuss in the appropriate forum. Critiquing one particular kind of forum for the subject matter involved seems to me like a sign of how little people know about it, or how unimportant the subject matter is to them. In that case, it comes into question why people are critiquing in the first place–because they think it comes into question in other areas?

    Perhaps. But not always so. Were human beings unafraid to give their stance, they might not show as much hypocrisy.

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