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Game Industry Acronyms #2

December 18, 2007

Things & Events

  • d10 = Ten sided die (d6, d4, d20, etc.)
  • IP = Intellectual property (a non-tangible idea like “Superman”, “Spiderman” and “The Matrix”)
  • NDA= Non-disclosure agreement (you will be asked to sign one before looking at unreleased products)
  • TCR/TRC = Technical Certification Requirements (Microsoft) / Technical Requires for Certification (Sony) to publish on consoles
  • SIG = Special Interest Group
  • GDC = Game Developers Conference
  • E3 = Electronic Entertainment Expo (now an invite only publisher/buyer/press event)
  • MIGS = Montreal International Game Summit
  • AGDC = Austin Game Developers Conference
  • GDX = Game Developers eXchange (here at SCAD, ’cause I gotta plug my own)
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