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Student Project – Cowboy Cave

October 21, 2007

Cowboy Cave (working title) is currently in production in my Applied Game Design class at the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). The class lasts 10 weeks and simulates an industry environment. Students have the ability to work in either an agile or traditional method, and are required to hit all the standard milestones/sprints. The course starts with networking session where students meet and greet and try to solicit help and support for their pet projects. In some cases, this networking starts the quarter before and lasts all summer long. The next class sees students pitching their ideas.

Cowboy Cave was pitched by artist Matt Kohr. It was probably the shortest pitch I’ve ever seen for a game – “A cowboy in a cave meets Diablo” was how I think Matt put it. This very open-ended idea resonated with people and was ultimately greenlit in conjunction with another project , Dave McDonough’s Kernels. Dave’s project was more a design exploration that focused on what the industry calls the “Cerny Method” of development. Taken together, the two projects were complementary and allowed the team to flesh out the possibilities for Cowboy Cave.

The game is currently in production here at SCAD with team members David McDonough as lead, Laura Beukema and Johnny Costello as designers, and artists Drew Harrison, Matt Kohr and Ashley Waldbaum.

Current concept art for the project appears below.

Matt Kohr’s Cowboy

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